Jigawa’s First Female Aspirant Joins Male Contenders For Governorship Race


Hajiya Ramatu Sabo Elleman has joined contenders for the 2019 governorship race in Jigawa State, having picked the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms.

The female aspirant who is contesting under the banner of the Social Democratic Party(SDP), purchased the forms on Tuesday at the party’s National Secretariat in Abuja.

Speaking after obtaining the forms, Elleman, the first female governorship aspirant in Jigawa State, said her decision to vie for office of the governor is to bring progress to the people.

She said having being an ardent support of politicians for many years, she identified the manifesto of the SDP to be different from other parties and sees the party as the best option to contest in order bring the desired progress to the people.

She noted that unemployment is a serious issue in the state and the past and present government have done little or nothing to tackle the issue, assuring that if voted as governor, she would address the issue head- long by embarking of empowerment programmes for women and youth to become self-reliant.

“In the whole of Jigawa state we don’t have a single industry and our youths are out there helpless and jobless. I want to create many industries in Jigawa state so that youth and women will be empowered because this is the major area the people are yearning for progress,” she said.

She therefore, appealed to women, youth and the entire people of Jigawa State for their support now and during the election.

“I want women in Jigawa state to know that whatever thing a man can do, women can even do better. No woman has ever contested for governorship in Jigawa state. They only came out for Councilor, House of Reps. Not even one Senator up to this time that I can out to be the governor.

“But because of this bold step, they are encouraged, so we now have many women vying for Senator and House of Reps because they have been challenged and I pray that all of us will win the election,” she said.

She was confident that she will receive overwhelming support from women who now see the need to vote their fellow women who are in a better position to project their interest, to power.


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