Inability to Raise Fund for Surgery Worsen Cancer Patient’s Case



By Ukan Kurugh(Humanitarian Activist)

After three months of six chemotherapy sessions valued at about N54,000 per session, then 10 now 11 year old Emmanuella Uger got better as the large cancerous growth on her right ear depleted completely.

Shewas recommended for a surgery that would bury the situation once and for all at the Hospital of Immaculate Conception, Makurdi.

Sympathetically, the financial demands of N1,068,000 (One Million Sixty Eight Thousand Naira) could not be raised. This was in August 2018.

Ella and her parents returned to their home in Gboko Local Government of Benue State, when the feasibility of raising the money wasn’t in sight after selling almost his properties.

Asit is the case with most cancerous conditions that are not treated to completion, the condition has deteriorated in a very pathetic way, growing very fast and giving out a foul odour.

It was a pathetic sight when I saw Ella yesterday evening. The once lively Ella is bedridden in pains, headache and sleepless nights.

Shehas cried to her father to help save her life. I am pained too that, the much efforts we made have vained as the case seems worst off.

She has been recommended for tests which will be followed by chemotherapy and surgery.

Asession of the chemotherapy will now cost about N77,000 and about 8 sessions may be needed aside the over a million naira surgery.

My people, please we must take this case to completion this time. I believe that with God on our side, we shall conquer.

I appreciate all those who contributed last time and I believe this time, we will do better and save her life. I implore corporate organizations, non-governmental organizations, the Benue State Government and every other person to lend a financial hand.

Support  to be sent to her father’s account on:
Account No: 0048881128

God bless us all.

I will monitor every money going into that account so have no fear or doubt as the father is very diligent and wants the daughter to be saved.


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