Daa’gba Picks Governorship Forms, Promises Massive Empowerment For Benue youths


An aspirant for the 2019 governorship election in Benue State, Barrister Innocent Daa’gba has picked his expression of interest and nomination forms ahead of the election with a pledge to embark on massive empowerment programmes for the teeming unemployed Benue youths.
Speaking on Thursday in an interview after purchasing the forms at the SDP National Secretariat in Abuja, the Benue governorship aspirant said he was guided by the manifestoes of the party which represents justice, fairness and equity for all Nigerians.
“Primarily I live my life as a socialist and a welfarist so the manifestoes of the SDP as a party fits my lifestyle because I find myself that I will operate easily and will be more at home under the SDP than any of the political parties we have,” he said.
The Retired Civil Servant and Unionist noted that the SDP is an entrenched party in the psyche of the Benue people especially against the background that the late Reverend Father Moses Adasu who governed Benue State for a short period of just less than two years did great things in righteousness for the people of the state that they were so happy.
“He brought a lot of development to the state before the army truncated them so people are nostalgia to that kind of governance so looking at my pedigree I fit more into that bill,” he added.
Barrister Daa’gba said the people of the state were tired of the pain, penury, difficulty, despondency they are going through which the present Benue government brought upon them and have therefore, beckoned on him to come to their rescue.
“People have not been paid. It’s unfortunate that the issue of salaries for local government staff, teachers and pensioners have become an issue. Those are not issues, they are rights. To deny them their right is very insensitive and injustice,” said the governorship aspirants.
Highlighting his key agenda for the state if voted into power, Daa’gba mentioned his five point agenda which was summarized into three broad heading, first of which from his experience is that government must be accessible by the people right from the grassroots to the government house.
He said government ought not to be personalized as the case is right now, adding it is the reason nothing tangible is being achieved.
“Government doesn’t work by personalization. Government must create the structure to make the government access the people. That is key, so I will make government accessible by the people from the local government to the state and make government access the people through the structure I will put in place to make government function,” he said.
Continuing, the Governorship aspirant noted that: “Benue is a pathetic story with teeming population of young boys and girls who have left the state because they have nothing to do.
“We must move them back to state through a whole robust entrepreneurship and agric-based programme. We will give hope to the teeming youths who have no hope by doing something with their hands.”
He also pledged to take Benue back to the national scheme of things and to the international community to change the negative perception about the state.
Speaking on security in the state, he further that noted that security is based on three points that must not be neglected.
“You must be conscious of your environment by gathering information. You must analyze the information and be proactive even in our houses,” he said.
The governorship aspirant regretted that this has however, not been the case in the state which has only been busy reacting to the attacks on it.
“To have security you must be proactive, take proactive steps to secure the state because that is the reason why government is in place, welfare and security of the people is paramount,” the governorship aspirant emphasized.


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