Bobrisky Blasts Nigerians As He Doles Out N100K To Gay Man Infected With HIV

Bobrisky Handover The 100K To The Nigerian Gay Man Living With HIV

Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has promised to pay a gay man, James Obialor, living with HIV, a monthly  sum of N200,000 to cater for his needs after he gave him N100,00 at the weekend.

The Nigerian male barbie and cross dresser who said the gesture is a demonstration of the importance of giving to the  needy, challenged Nigerians to emulate his exemplary act as he blasted those who according to him have been castigating Obialor for being gay.

He posted a video of himself and Obialor after the later visited him at his residence.

Below is a short statement which accompanied the video:

Bobrisky promised to pay him a sum of N200,000 every month as a lesson concerning the importance of giving.

“Yaaaay I couldn’t wait till tomorrow because I have an appointment schedule for tomorrow. So I called James to come today so I can give him the 100,000 I promise him.

“Secondly I also promise to pay 200,000 every month in his account to take care of his health. I told him by next month I want to see him chubby and looking fresh. Some stupid Nigerians castigating James because he is HIV need to rethink and face their life.

“I’m never seeking any attention from this because I’m already famous. I was the most Google in 2017 so I need no fame from this. Have make so much money now that all I need is too help people not to find fame. Have a wonderful day ❤,” writes Bobrisky in a post shared on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

Bobrisky offers helping hand to man reportedly living with HIV, promises N200k every month
Later that day he shared a video of himself and the visitor while reminding his followers about the irrelevance of earthly riches. Making others happy seem very important to Bobrisky.His guest James Obialor came to the consciousness of the public following reports of his arrest by the police.Obialor was reportedly accused of being gay following a raid of suspected homosexual persons in Lagos.


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