2019: SDP House of Reps. Aspirant, Advice Benue Electorate To Vote Against Buhari, PDP


A Social Democratic Party(SDP) House of Representatives aspirant for Katsina-Ala, Ukum and Logo Federal Constituency, Benue State, Gabriel Dondo Uyoo , has advised the electorate in his constituency not to vote for the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) which has failed to bring development to the zone after many years of their administration.

The Senatorial aspirant gave the advice on Tuesday after obtaining his Expression of Interest and Nomination forms at the SDP National Secretariat in Abuja.
He said the Benue people are tired of failed promises from the past and present government which particularly, has failed them in the area of safeguarding their lives and property.
“Because of the abysmal performance of PDP and APC and the failure of this government, young people are craving for something new that is different from what we had in the last 18 years.”
“The reason people are looking for alternative is because we are facing critical issues. There is high unemployment in the state. PDP was there for a very long time. Tthe issues of security we are facing now started then and they couldn’t curtail it. APC made promises that when it comes this things will stop and then it escalated,” he said.
Uyoo said rather than tackling the challenges, the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom is busy playing the blame trading game while the people are being killed, their houses burnt down and thousands of people displaced.
“Our people are facing serious security threat. Poverty is everywhere. Houses are in ruin, people can no longer feel safe to go to their farms. As I speak, there is looming hunger in the area because many people are now scared of going to farm for fear of being killed by herdsmen,” he said.
He insisted that neither APC now PDP can bring any meaningful development to the people because it is the same set of politicians who have failed the people that are cross –carpeting to the two parties.
“Governor Ortom has left PDP into APC, got the ticket, now he’s running back to the PDP. We don’t know where he stands. Instead of him confronting the issues we have at hand, he’s busy blaming other people so, we feel someone else should be given the opportunity and this is where SDP will stand a better chance.
“PDP is trying to come up with a new manifesto but people have actually not forgotten about the mistake they have made. We are saying, give us an opportunity and these things will no longer be there.
“PDP could not pay salaries, APC came in and they are not paying salaries either. Teachers are still not paid.”
He said SDP which had track record of good performance during the then administration of reverend Father Adasu in 1999, should be given the opportunity to rule the state, assuring things will change for the better.
He explained that it’s not just about the platform but “we are bringing new set of people. Giving younger people the opportunity to see what they can come up with. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.
“The set of people we have in PDP and APC are the same people who just cross carpet into another platform and come back. They just keep doing the same thing.
“If you are telling us PDP is another platform now, it is the same governor who have moved from APC to PDP, so what you are expecting in 2019 when he comes back to office. ?
“You are expecting the same thing because it is the same individual that is there. The same mentality and orientation but when you vote new people under the platform of SDP which is progress, unity, we believe the Benue people will have something new.”
He said with the stable structure on ground at all the ward level which even the ruling APC in the state does not have, “we are working towards the general election and believe with what’s on ground, we will win with a landslide victory.”

The economic graduate said with his experience in leadership, having had the opportunity to head a union, come from background where his parents were actively involved in politics at the state level, educational background and exposure, if given the chance he would be able to take the people to their dream land.
On Education, the aspirant said one of his priority is to revive public school in his constituency.
“One of the things I would also argue at the plenary is to get a Federal Polythenic to Sankara, that is Katsina-ala and Logo constituency which will also attract federal presence in to the area,” he said.


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